The terms special edition, limited edition, and variants such as deluxe edition, or collector's edition, are used as a marketing incentive for various kinds of products, originally published products related to the arts, such as books, prints, recorded music and films, and video games, but now including clothing, cars, fine wine, and whisky, among other products. A limited edition is restricted in the number of copies produced, although in fact the number may be very low or very high. Suzuki (2008) defines limited edition products as those “sold in a state that makes them difficult to obtain because of companies limiting their availability to a certain period, quantity, region, or channel". A special edition implies there is extra material of some kind included. The term is frequently used on DVD film releases, often when the so-called "special" edition is actually the only version released.

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  1. Manic Mechanic

    Misc. Jeep edition

    I looked at an 83 CJ 7 black hawk edition but I've never heard of it and haven't really seen anything online about it. Was it something special or just a sticker package? Any info would be great. I'll try to get some pictures. Sent from my E7110 using Tapatalk
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