Prestolite Electric Incorporated is a global manufacturer and supplier of alternators, starters, electrical equipment, and services to the transportation, industrial, military, marine, agricultural and construction industries. The company sells its products to United States defense agencies, OEMs, and aftermarket suppliers under the Indiel, Leece-Neville, and Prestolite Electric brand names. The company operates production and engineering facilities in China, Europe and the United States. Prestolite Electric is privately owned by Broad Ocean Motors.
1990 filed bankruptcy and new entity established. The Prestolite name was taken thru the process as the name had market value

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    Engine Does Anyone have the Schematic for the Prestolite Ignition Control Module Board ('76 CJ-7)?

    Hi Jeep People- Long time reader, first time posting. I've been reading previous posts about how the factory Prestolite modules get hot and quit working. I bought a '76 CJ-7 for parts and sure enough, the module had melted pretty good. I'd like to take a crack at rebuilding it. I know I can...
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