A trail, also known as a path or track, is an unpaved lane or a small paved road not intended for usage by motorized vehicles, usually passing through a natural area. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, a path or footpath is the preferred term for a pedestrian or hiking trail. The term is also applied in North America to accompanying routes along rivers, and sometimes to highways. In the US, the term was historically used for a route into or through wild territory used by explorers and migrants (e.g. the Oregon Trail). In the United States, "trace" is a synonym for trail, as in Natchez Trace.
Some trails are dedicated only for walking, cycling, horse riding, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, but not more than one use; others, as in the case of a bridleway in the UK, are shared-use and can be used by pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians alike. Although most trails are for low-traffic, non-motorized usage, there are also unpaved trails used by dirt bikes, quad bikes and other off-road vehicles, usually for extreme sports and rally races. In some places, like the Alps, trails are used by alpine agrarian communities for moving cattle and other livestock.

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  1. Belizean

    Belizean’s after retirement excursions - took 40 years after buying my Jeep CJ7 off the truck.

    It all started over 65 years ago when my dad bought a 1958 Jeep pickup off the lot I was told. My mom was at about 9 months pregnant waiting for me to pop out as # 3 in the family. They took an off road trail ride out in Arizona hoping that the bouncing around would help with that. There is...
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