02 sensor 1986 cj-7

02 sensor 1986 cj-7

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aurora colorado
86 CJ-7 4.2 l 4 sp. M30
I have a 4.2 litre I 6
I went to emissions a few days ago.
They could not find the 02 sensor.
Could anybody tell me where it is located?

I know normally it should be on the exhaust pipe.
I believe this year of jeep is the first to use the 02 sensor.
I have heard stories about it being mounted on the block, exhaust manifold, and exhaust pipe.

My wife found a schematic. this only indicated the wire color and location on the ecu. 1x wire (grey) pin locations 8,9.
Half the battle.

Thank You,
you do have fuel injection, correct? Not a carb? Just checkin' the easy stuff for ya...:)

But yea, normally its on the exhaust pipe, a little downstream from the head.
258 O2 sensor.
Is everything stock? If so it's hard to see. It's on the exhaust manifold near where the exhaust pipe connects. Like here:

If it's got an aftermarket header it may look more like this:

or like this on the beginning of the exhaust pipe:

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