1959 Willys CJ5 with Transmission leak

1959 Willys CJ5 with Transmission leak


Port Orchard, Wa
CJ with F134 engine - T98a 4 speed transmission- T18 transfer case - Warn winch run from PTO.
I have a T-98A with a leak coming out of the front of the tranny through the front bearing. Took the front cover that surrounds the input shaft off and found nothing that would keep it from leaking. In a T90 there is a Front Transmission Felt Oil Seal but on the T-98A there is none (and I mean 'nothing'), like someone forgot to insert the needed parts. The exploded diagrams that I have seen are not clear enought to identify the needed parts so I'm hoping someone can tell me what I need so I can order the right parts. Thanks for any help.:rolleyes:
im not sure bout that particular trans. but some early trans didnt have a seal they have a special type of spur or gear cut into the shaft hat pushes oil back and a small weap hole that will leak if over filled or parked facing downhill.

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