Build Thread 1969 CJ-6 (former park ranger Jeep to become a Gunship)

Build Thread 1969 CJ-6 (former park ranger Jeep to become a Gunship)

CJ6 Dizzo

Tulsa, OK
1969 CJ-6 - As far as I know everything is stock. It was a National Park Ranger vehicle up at Mammoth Cave and it will become an ACJ-6 (Gunship-theme Jeep)
First, a little background info. I bought this Jeep because I have always wanted to learn more about cars and how to work on them. I put off learning far too long and decided to buy a "project" and force myself to make time for it as I had already thrown down some cash. Unfortunately, a couple months after my purchase, my wife passed away. I decided to hand the Jeep over to a good friend of mine to work on the body while I focused on moving myself and my 4 kids to Oklahoma to get them closer to family.

All of the body work pictures to be posted will have been done by my friend. As I write this, my Jeep is still with him in Florida. So the eventual plan is to take this once Park Ranger Jeep from Mammoth Cave National Park into a Gunship-themed Jeep, styled after the AC-130U plane.

Until I get caught up and begin to work on this again by myself, I will try to post before and after pics one right after the other. With that, here is the Jeep as I first bought it:
Well I was going to post before and after pics side by side, but now I'm thinking I'll just post a whole mess of "before" pictures to give you folks an idea of how she started out. First, here is a walk around of the Hurricane engine:
Now some views of the dash and front seats...
Not sure yet on drivetrain issues...I'm open to suggestions :). I did put in a 2.5 inch suspension lift and I hope to get 32 or 33 in. tires on there. Here's a few pics of the lift on the front end.
This is when the Jeep was handed over to my friend to help me with the body work while I was busy getting my household ready for the move to Oklahoma. The original idea was only to have him weld the front and rear floor pans in that I had purchased off of I knew I would need to ship the Jeep and the floors. I figured the best way of not getting them bent up in shipping would be to weld them in. But he ended up patching up all of the holes in the body and even did a little frame work for me.
[FONT=&quot]Here is the work my friend has done to the body...First he removed the body from the frame and then removed the front floor:

Fitting and welding in the front floor:
Next came removing the rusty rear floor, and then fitting and welding the shiny new floor into place:
Thats quite the friend you have there! Think he will work on my Jeep next? :)

Any updates on this '6?

let me get this straight, You have a CJ6, mostly there, flat stock, with a hard top, and you want to make it look like something else??:wtf:
Gunship theme, Florida? Hmm I have a couple friends that work at duke field.
Well folks, it has been fun working on this CJ6, but unfortunately, I have to move to TN and I can't take her with me. It's time to sell the Jeep.

I appreciate all of the comments and I'm sorry it has taken me a LONG while to get back on here.

And yes...I was planning on turning her into a gunship-themed Jeep. I used to fly on the AC-130s and was hoping to add some flair. For instance, I have a couple of 105mm brass shells from the Howitzer. I trimmed them up and was planning on using them as the side mirrors... I also recorded the sound of the 25mm Gatlin gun and the 40mm Bofors cannon being fired while I was on my last flight. I bought a horn that plays digital sounds (with a large amplifier). My plan was to turn those guns firing into my horn.

Yeah, it would have been some nice touches...

Any way, it is time to sell her off :(

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