1973 jeep j2000 pick up

1973 jeep j2000 pick up


Tucson AZ
So I thought I would save a little money not taking my 1973 jeep j2000 pick to the shop. Hmmmm...I'm beginning to wonder if I made the right choice. I got the tranny and transfer case back from the shop and just finished putting them back into the truck.

First problem...I am not sure how much tranny fluid to use. It seems like I have been pouring quart after quart into a black hole. I am up to 11 quarts and still nothing is showing on the dip stick while I have the vehicle idling and warmed up. I think I read somewhere that it should take 6, no wait 8, no wait 9, no wait 12 quarts. Seems like everyone has a different idea of how much to put in. I think I also read that it should take 12 quarts if the torque convertor is empty. Well when I seated the fresh from the box brand new torque converter into the tranny I could have sworn it felt like it came with fluid in it. Does this still count as "empty?". Anyhow how much fluid should I expect to put in? The tranny is an Automatic Hydromatic 400.

Second problem...So I took it for a test drive on the new tranny and transfer case. It feels really bogged down. I am wondering if somehow I installed the Transfer case incorrectly and it is only using the front wheels some how. Maybe it is stuck in 4 wheel drive? The wheels are not locked but the shifter feels like its engaged. It's not in Neutral it's in 4L. If I shift it to Neutral on the floor I go no where. Even if I shift on the steering collumn to drive or reverse nothing happens, but when I try to put it into park on the collumn it grinds and won't go into park. So I put the shifter on the floor back into 4L and I am able to go again. I can also shift to 4H and 2H and it will still go though 4H and 2H seem really loose like the shifter is not properly seated.
One thing I have not done yet is put the exhaust system back in (pipes, muffler, etc.) The only thing right now coming off the engine is headers. Should I put the exhaust system back on before I panic to make sure it's not because I need back pressure for the engine to be able to run properly? Does the AMC 360 motor with the TF400 require back pressure to run?

Thanks for the input everyone.

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