1980 CJ7 Replacement Tub question

1980 CJ7 Replacement Tub question


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Hey all, newby here...just bought a 1980 CJ7 304v8 that had the tub replaced about 4-5 years ago...been sitting in a backyard unfinished.
It has 2 holes in the back below the tailights...one for the fuel filler (I Guess) on the right, but it also has ine on the left. What would the left one be for?
A picture would help us out tremendously, because honestly, I have no idea.

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Almost looks like somebody was gonna put the filler on the drivers side. Maybe the goofed up ?
Aha, your PO (previous owner) used a YJ tub. That's where the gas filler is located on a YJ and your PO cut a new hole on the passanger side for the CJ gas tank and filler to work.

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