1980 CJ7 - starting

1980 CJ7 - starting


New Hampshire
1980 CJ7, 6 cyl, no top :-)
So my buddy just moved to Seattle and left me his Jeep for a while. It is a nice off-road beast that runs very well...when it starts!

When I turn the key it starts sometimes and it does nothing (lights up) the next time. No clicks, cranks or noises, just nothing. So I cleaned all the connections, replaced some old looking wires and still the same thing. So I spent $20 and replaced the starter relay...same thing, but now it won't shut off. So I have a jeep that starts if I pop-it, sometimes it starts with a key, but it won't shut off...on the bright side, it runs very well and has no rust!

Where do I start?

The "S" post on the relay gets the light blue wire from the ignition switch and the "I" post gets the red wire to the coil positive.

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