1985 CJ7 T5 Transmission Problems

1985 CJ7 T5 Transmission Problems


Central Point, OR
1985 CJ7 with the 258 AMC 6cyl
Recently I took my jeep up in the snow and for the first time in years I had it kick out of First gear and start making a grinding sound until I pulled it completely out of gear. Then as I was turning around in the deep snow on the hill and was pulling forward, it did it again. The only thing I could do was pop it out of gear again and put it back in. All of this was in four wheel drive.

Then on my way home I was slowing down to turn onto another road on the main highway and when I downshifted into Third gear (I was in 2 Wheel Drive at this point), it did the same thing. But after that I haven't had another problem.

Any suggestions? The CJ repair manuals don't go into much detail about transmission adjustments on the Borg Warner T5 Transmissions. The Jeep has a 6 cyl. 258 AMC motor in it.


Sounds like it's time for a rebuild, replacement or better yet upgrade to a tranny that's not a piece of poo.png
Check out this link:Weak transmissions of the 1980's
If you are serious about off-roading I would get a T18. Click here: T18

A t176 would also be a good upgrade. Click here:T176

EDIT: The T176 would be the easiest swap but require the driveshafts modified for length. Swapping in a Ford T18 would be the best swap (very heavy duty).

I used to have a '82 Jeep CJ7 that I swapped out the T5 for a Ford T18. I got an adapter kit from Advance Adapters (Novak has one too) I had to replace the main (output) shaft of the T18. I also had to drill and tap 4 holes in the bellhousing. Otherwise it wasn't bad. I reused the drive shafts without modifying the lengths. (That's uncommon for a tranny swap)
I used a clutch pressure plate for a jeep and a clutch friction plate intended for a Ford.
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