220 on a residential street!

220 on a residential street!


Central FL
'72 CJ5, 401, T18, D20, D44, D30
'82 CJ8, 258, D300, AMC20, D30
Wicked fast!!!

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Sounds like a dying cat! :)
That is funny!!! That is something that Izz and this brother would do.
Tell the truth CJ, that's you riding the scooter, isn't it?
OK, that was good. Now here is a real crazy-a**. This gives me the giggles.

There's a kid somewhere in town with a kart like that. He likes to go screaming past my house at 2AM. A small neighborhood where the speed limit is 25. Someday, I'll find him, and crush his spine.
It's a shifter kart, it's to slow.
I used to race unlimited modified, you basically lay down, it runs off alcohol, sits 1/4" off the ground and on a long straight away will top out over 100mph.
I lived in a rural area and the only asphalt was the highway. Well from where I lived north or south is was 20 miles to the nearest town. My brother and I would unload the Kart, fire it up and give it a shakedown run on the hwy.
My brothers toyota truck couldn't keep up.

I'd pass cars like they was standing still. Just once I wished I coulda taken it to a city to ride around.

My yard kart had a large chainsaw motor on it, it was wicked fast.

This would be fun:
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I cringe everytime I watch Kartvadar or however you spell it.
It is the original that all others have been duplicated off Youtube

EDIT: Check out the sidewinders off road gokarts

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