258 4.2L fuel injection conversion

258 4.2L fuel injection conversion


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'86 CJ7 258 4.2L Fuel Injected
I drive an 86 CJ7 with the 258 4.2l motor. I am starting to rebuild it, and want to go fuel injected. There seems to be a variety of conversion kits available out there widely ranging in price. I want to stay with the 258 and convert it to FI. I would appreciate any recommendations, or advice you may be able to provide. I should also mention that it is a V-belt.
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Check the misc section look at the "useful links I thought I'd share"
At the top of the page, I put several links and info there.
If your mechanically inclined just build it yourself for about $300 - $500.
I built mine and can answer most questions.

I'd recommend a wiring harness and chip from AFI affordable fuel injection, then pull and rebuild a throttlebody from a '90 chevy s-10 or s-10 blazer.
Buy misc sensors, electric fuel pump, o2 sensor bung and install if you don't have one already.

Hit me up if the links don' t provide enough info.

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