258 oil pan gasket question

258 oil pan gasket question


1983 CJ7 with stock nuttered 258, T4, Dana 300, Dana30, AMC 20
I have recently purchased an 83 CJ7 and I am new to the forum. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the good info I have been reading. I am changing my oil pan gasket with a felpro one piece gasket. The po had a 4 piece cork gasket on there. There is a rubber strip in a groove on the outside of the rear main bearing cap. I think that is part of the 4 piece gasket set. If what I am thinking is right do I need to remove it or leave it on? When I go to put the pan in place it seems like it is pushing against something. Any help is appreciated. Thank you
I have a Felpro on mine that I installed many years ago and it has held up quite well. I do not recall the groove on the rear cap though. I would think the rubber strip was part of the old gasket set and should be removed. Since I had the pan off I cleaned the oil pickup screen and replaced the rear main seal.
I replaced the rms also. Just trying to figure out the gasket. Did you put rtv all the way around or just the corners?
Thank you very much I will give it a shot tomorrow.

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