304/360 intake manifold questions

304/360 intake manifold questions


E. Tenn
1984 CJ7 258 w/T176
I am finishing up the 304 and have a couple of questions someone can possibly answer. I wish I had a picture of the manifold but our camera got stolen and I do not have the new one set up yet.

1. Where can you buy a PCV grommet at local auto parts stores? Advance/auto zone do not offer it
2. If you are not using the EGR valve can you just cap it off at the vacumm line on top with a rubber cap?
3. I have two other holes that need plugging on the intake manifold and I thought they were 1/4 or 3/8 npt but they are not. One is almost directly under where the throttle bracket mounts and the other is almost directly behind the oil fill tube. I bought two pipe plugs and they will not fit. Are these metric? :bang:
I don’t know about the rubber grommet but I need one too on an intake of mine. If you have a true 4x4 parts shop/store in your town they might have one or at least can order it. Otherwise try www.4wd.com but probably will need to call in and speak to someone as a part like that is unlikely to be cataloged on line.

I would keep the EGR as it cost you nothing in the way of engine drag or performance but what the ER does for you is lower the combustion temperatures in the cylinders potentially extending the life of the engine.

Not knowing what holes in the intake you are referring to it is hard to say what to do (a picture or drawing would help) but any vacuum port can be covered with a rubber cap if you have something to put it on. Some of the holes in the intake are just heat related, not vacuum and may be ok to leave. I would think that pipe fittings you bought would have too course of a threat count.

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