304 engine

304 engine


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1979 CJ 304, 400 automatic
I acquire a CJ project that came with a 304 with no belts on it. Anyway it came with power steering. Trying to figure what belts go where. Power steering to crank pulley and water pump? Alternator to crank pulley? Don't know what belt goes off which pulley or pulleys. Also why does the power steering pump has two pulleys on it? Maybe someone has a photo or link ? All info would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Easiest way to fugure out where the belts go is to stand to the side and eyeball the pullies to see which ones line up togeather. All the ones that line up, go on the same belt.
My belts in my V8 engine are installed:
The Power steering belt to crank pulley to water pump pulley &
The Alternator belt to water pump pulley to crank pulley.

Also my power steering pump has two pulleys, but one I don't used.

See the photo.
Here are a couple of pics I took some time ago for another post. I have since installed a second belt on the altenator. I still only have one belt on the power steering pump even though I also have the double pulley.

79304AltMnt.jpg 79304AltMnt2.jpg

Hope this helps..............
Altenator to crank to waterpump

Power steering pump to crank to waterpump

power steering pump to air injection pump (for emissions/smog)

If your CJ didn't come equiped with Air injection (not sure if it was just California models) then you wouldn't have a belt on that pulley.

Otheriwse, just two belts are needed, unless yours came with A/C.....

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