304 head issues

304 head issues


E. Tenn
1984 CJ7 258 w/T176
In my last post you will see that I had a cracked head when I got the motor started. I bought the set for $300 that were supposed to be ready to bolt on. They looked good and as far as I could see had new springs, seals and the bottom was scuffed ready to mount. I put them on with new felpro gaskets and went ahead and bought ARP head bolts and buttoned it back up. Bought a HEI dist. and was setting it and noticed I did not have any compression to find TDC. Before it would blow my finger off the plug hole, now really nothing. So I started pulling the other plugs and found just about the same deal. So I took the rockers all loose and had all valves closed and blew air into the plug hole and it sounds like slight hissing from valve. Was the previous valve job done wrong:bang:

So far I am into this "rebuilt" engine for another set of bad worked heads, head bolts and all gaskets twice now. Not to count the labor.

I pulled the heads AGAIN and taking them to shop next week to let someone look at the previous job that was done to see whats up.

Could I be close in diagnosing this or does anyone have any other ideas?

We could not even get the motor started for low compression to fire the cylinders............:(
Flip the heads upside down and poor liquid into the chambers and see if it leaks out of the ports.. I have had machine shops screw up in the past..The last time was when they did not get the valve guides right and every valve stuck open when the engine built up heat. It happen sometimes and it makes you want to cry. Good luck on getting it back together

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