304 oiling question

304 oiling question


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Kihei, Hawaii
77' CJ-5, 360 c.i. motor, T-176 trans, D-300 transfer case w\ twin sticks, Dana 30 front, A.M.C. 20 rear w/ 4.10's, solid axles & trac-lok, 2.5" lift Y.J. springs.
When I did the gear swap on my cam it seemed like the upper end of the timing assy. was not getting much oil. I have read about different ways of improving oil flow, most of which involve drilling holes in various engine parts.
My idea was teeing off of my oil pressure sending unit and running a small flex hose directly into the top of the timing cover to constantly bathe the timing set and dist. drive setup.
Any ideas on why this will/ will not work? Any better ideas?
Just a question.

Thanks- Bushman
If you have the slinger positioned correctly - you should never have a timing chain / timing gear oiling problem. Unless you have a passage blocked.

I'm not to kean on your ideas there is no way to regulate the amount of oil your dumping into the cover. BTW - If you T off the sending unit it will read a lower pressure then you have actually.

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