34x9.5s + iron duke + stock gears?

34x9.5s + iron duke + stock gears?


aspen co
1981 CJ 7 bone stock for now
Has anyone run Skinny swampers 34x9.5s with a 4 cylinder and stock gears. I have an 81 CJ7 and need new tires anyways was thinking this could be a good way to go. A little fender trimming and some better back spacing. Only problem is I don't know if the old Iron duke will be able to start with that big of a tire. I am running 31x10.5s now and its alright(starts in second gear with out a problem) Who has done it? What kind of back spacing do I need with narrow track axles? Should I give up on these tires and find a 33 or smaller. Does anyone know a shop on the western slope that would re gear an old Jeep? I haven't found one yet. Thanks
what gear ratio are the stock axles now?
Right now it has 3.73s. They work alright but could be better. In 4low it comes alive.
34s are really pushing it with that high of a gear ratio and a 4cyl. Power will be zero. That combo generally leads to burned up clutches from having to ride it frequently while taking off from a start.

I would definately re-gear or go with shorter tires.
Yea that is kind of what I was thinking. I would like to regear but there is no place near by that will re gear my axles.
What are thoughts on gearing. I am trying to decide between some axles that have 4.10s or rehearing my axles to 4.56s. Any thoughts? I know either will make a huge difference but if I got 4.10s I could probably push 33s or 34s and have it still have similar feel in power. 4.56s would probably make it feel a lot livelier and better. Any thoughts?
With a 4banger and 33s I would go with 4.56s. If you had a bigger motor you could get by with 4.10s.
There are some gear ratio/tire size/engine rpm charts online for you to determine what ratio you would like to have.
I`d go with the 4.56s. I went 4.10s with a Chevy V8. I wish i had the 4.56s.

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