4.0 anything to salvage???

4.0 anything to salvage???


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I've got a 4.0 out of a '98 grand. The motor locked up but I thought I'd rip it down and after researching this site found that some of you guys have swapped out 258 heads with the 4.0's. Others have used the cranks from the 258's to stroke the 4.0. The crank in my 258 spun a bearing and one of the piston heads in the 4.0 blew spectacularly and cracked the block on the way out.

So, down to the question...is the crank or head salvagable out of the 4.0? Or considering the other damage, is the whole package simply a good learning experience in tearing down an engine and better off at the scrap yard?

Any thoughts?
p.s. I also have another 4.0 on the garage floor from a junk yard and intend to tear it down to see what might be good under that valve cover and oil pan. Looking in the intake ports, the valve rods are pretty rusty but maybe there's something there. I just don't want to hold on to this other stuff if it's just junk.
:wtf: Well first off if you have a good 4.0 motor go with it as the ports are superior to that of the 258. If your 258 is more rebuildable than your 4.0s rebuild it using the 4.0 head :chug: have fun messin with them it is fun

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