64 cj need info on eng etc

64 cj need info on eng etc


Looking at a 64 cj don't know much about these rigs.
It has a v6, is this the dauntless 225? If so where can I find more info on these motors? If not how to identify what it is?
MT with a 2 stick tcase, what is this?
What kind of things should I watch out for, be on the look out for?
The body is straight and clean, no rust in the wheel wells or underneath. Any information appreciated, Matt.
Welcome to the site Matt! :chug:

Kaiser actually bought the rights to the Buick V6 in 1965 and started putting them in CJ's in 66 (I'm pretty sure). I'm sure yours does have a 225 v6 in it as it was a very popular engine. There is allot of information available on the WEB, but unfortunately about the best I know is down right now (Early CJ5). EarlyCJ5 has a great section on this great engine.

dauntless v6 site:earlycj5.com - Google Search


As for what to watch out for? Since we don't know your experience level with CJ's or other off-road vehicles I'll make a simple list.

You need to demo it in 4wd and in 4wd low also. Also look for all the typical leaks and drips. You say the body is in good shape, make sure you inspect underneath very well and also look at the frame. CJ's can be rust farms! Buying a CJ is no different then buying any other vehicle with two BIG exceptions.

1) You have running gear in the front and the rear so you have twice as much to inspect.
2) That CJ is 45 years old so no matter how good you are at inspecting it, expect to have and find many problems that were not apparent during the inspection. Make sure you set aside coin so you can fix all that will creap up after a purchase. It always does!
Check the storage compartment under the pass side seat for rust also. The 225 is a great engine also and the rear diff should have grease fittings at each end so that was easier.
I would advise you to bring a friend along with you who knows a bit about Jeep's. Once you have bought the Jeep as long as you keep up with the maintenance and repair checks then it should run smoothly. You can do a search on Google and that should bring up quite a lot of information. Have a look around this site as well because there is quite a lot of information and if you want to know anything people seem friendly and knowledgable. I agree with what has been said about checking underneath that is very important and amazingly a lot of people forget to do it. If you can though take a knowlegable friend with you and just be careful. There are a lot of nice people out there, but also a lot of people who are scammers. All the best.
Yeah. I would bring a friend also. So many people out there trying to scam. I'm not so familar with the 64. But most cj engines are good and it was made back when cars were made with quality. Just keep the rust away. I'm still learning, maybe I might be of help later on.

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