69 cj 5

69 cj 5


Hello everyone out there I was wondering if any of you guys have any ideas where I can find a very good detailed wiring diagram for a 69 CJ5 with the Dauntless Buick 225 V6 in it. Any help is greatly appreciated the system seems fairly simple but knowing the colors of the wies and such that you are running down helps greatly.
Thanks again and JEEP JEEP
I believe Haynes or chiltons has on in their manual for the jeep
if not Moses Lundel wrote a book called a jeep rebuilding manual up to 1971 that has them in it.
I have a newer Chilton's, but it does not have any wiring diagrams in it. I also have an old Chilton's printed in 1980, it has a wiring diagram in it, but it is not detailed, just a single page black and white diagram, no color codes.

I also have a newer Haynes manual, it has the same diagram as the old Chilton's does, sorry man, no details. It's got to be out there somewhere...
check the rebuilders guide then, it will haveseveral ones and yes the V6 is different from the 4
it should be pretty much the same
Its so awesome looking at the old wiring diagrams they are so simple you could make them into a sticker and stick them to the back of your glove box door as a reference guide :chug:

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