'70 CJ5 Wiring Diagram

'70 CJ5 Wiring Diagram


Hallwood, Cali.
1970 CJ5, 238 V6, Automatic trany.
2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Quad cab 4x4 6.9L Cummins
1993 Chevy 1500 Ext. Cab 4x4 350 V8
2012 Toyota Camry LE
Does anybody have a wiring diagram for a 1970 CJ5? It has the original steering column.
Yeah, I guess that really can't help, There are some drawings in the back of the Haynes Jeep CJ manual. I once purchased a Clymer Jeep CJ shop manual and in it there was an application for wiring diagrams to specific years and I sent away for one to my '86 and it has been a lifesaver. Good luck finding something.
Okay thanks anyway. I will see what I can find.
Ether haynes or chiltons has it in them

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