'72-'75 CJ5 Seat Bracket Build

'72-'75 CJ5 Seat Bracket Build


Austin, TX
'73 CJ5 with '84 258, D30/D44
Everyone knows there are not many mounting options for these years for aftermarket seats so I decided to build some. I thought I throw up the build in the unlikely chance it may help someone down the road. This is my first real venture into fabrication/welding so be gentle.

First, a list materials used. Everything is 1/8" thick.
6' - 2" angle iron
4' - 1 1/4" angle iron
2' - 1" angle iron
3' - 2x2 box tube
16" - 1x2 box tube

Here's what I started out with. Old, rusty, stock seat mounts.
I started with the main 2" angle iron piece that will run the width of the body from door sill to door sill. Because the PO put in the underseat fuel tank, I had to work around that which the angle iron help to brace it nicely. You can see the 2" angle rests on the 1" angle iron on the door sills.

On the driver's side, I took two pieces of 2" angle and two more of the 1 1/4" angle to use as the rear mount/tank bracket.
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Next, I started on the actual seat brackets. Since I'm using Corbeau Baja SS seats, the mounts had to run parallel in order to work with the attachment points. For the seats, I used 1 1/4" angle iron. Each piece is 20" long with holes drills to match the attachment points. I attached the driver's seat and test fit the position and placement. I quickly realized that the seat needed to lean back more. I then took a 16" piece of 2x2 box tubing and used that to raise the front. Once I got everything where I wanted it, I tacked it in place which also connects the front and rear. The box tubing sits on top of the main 2" angle iron.
Passenger Side: I used 2x2 box tubing like driver side as well as the 1 1/4" angle iron seat brackets. For the rear, I needed some height as the angle was too steep and wouldn't allow for good mating with the 2x2. I used 16" 1x2 box tubing. Both seats are now almost the exact same height and angle.

To bolt the rear 1x2 to the floorboard, I measured and drilled two holes and welded locknuts on the inside. That way, to remove the mount, I unbolt from underneath the little, useless compartment on the passenger side.

Sorry, but I guess I didn't take any pictures of the passenger side build. Here's the whole mounting "system" getting ready for final welding. It's upside down and the driver side is closest.
Here's the final seat mounts. Again, this is a one-piece mount that works for Corbeau Baja SS fixed seats I purchased. Pretty simple but no adjustment.

Not sure if anyone can/will use this but thought I'd post it up just in case. :chug:
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Nomad :notworthy:

Thanks Man, Great Ideas for me... I need to do the same thing, as my passenger seat is loose and rocky (bailing wire holding it down, make passenger go :eek: around corners...)

So I am assuming you did away with the storage under passenger seat? Looks as if it is un-accessible... Not a huge deal, I currently use it for reg, tire iron, jumper cables, extra parts, and misc tools, tape and bailing wire roll... Just in case i need something on the trail... :cool:

I like this a lot though, you've helped me to get some new ideas! :rolleyes:

~ JR
Thanks JR. I looked all over the place for ideas for our year models but didn't find anything. Everything was done with a Hobart 125, angle grinder/cut-off, and hand-held band saw from Harbor Freight.

Yes, the under seat storage is pretty much inaccessible to all but small items. I didn't want mud and :dung: falling in there all the time which is why I left the door on but removed the hinge pins so the lid can be removed without taking off the passenger seat.

Let me know if you have any questions along the way and please post up yours when your done. :chug:
That's a good idea man! Didn't think to leave the pins loose...

I'll post it when done for sure... I'll message you the link when done. Probably in the next month or two... Got a few pressing matters to attend to elsewhere...

- Jr
Nomad - Thanks for the great ideas. :notworthy: I know I'll be able to use this on my 75 rebuild.

I think I'm going to just cut the under seat storage out though. Makes it hard to access the body mount bolts.
Very Clever, have a 74 myself and bought some Eclipse seats since the bottoms were flat, looking to get them covered in Neoprene, [JC Whitney]

Thanks for your help
AWESOME!!!! I wish I had the time, tools, and the skills for this. I haven't worked on mine in 8 months now. Probably have to find someone to pay to have this done. Ugh
Hey Nomad, nice build. What did you do with the seat brackets that you took out? I am in desprate need of the driver side bracket if you still have it! If you still have it or know of anyone who does, give me a call....***-***-****. I am in Corpus! Thanks, Joe
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Hey Nomad, nice build. What did you do with the seat brackets that you took out? I am in desprate need of the driver side bracket if you still have it! If you still have it or know of anyone who does, give me a call....***-***-****. I am in Corpus! Thanks, Joe

I removed your phone number.

Phone numbers on the public web will get you a lot of calls you do not want...

Use the Private Messages system for this instead. :chug:
Thank You Nomad!!! ... I am 6' 4" tall and I was having a hard time finding some seats that I liked and that would fit into my CJ5 . Saw your post, liked what I was seeing.....and I too...bought the Corbeutt (Or Whatever) Baja SS Seats and I am just going to copy Kat your design if you dont mind....LOL.....Looks great!!! ..thanks for the post and the help!!! -- J
Keep in mind that the after market seats will set about 2" higher and 2" farther forward than the stock seats and build your pedestal accordingly.:D

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