72 cj 5 frame build Q's

72 cj 5 frame build Q's


Building a 1972 cj5,
built 350,sm420,f/r d60's ,regeared dana 20 twin stick. More to come
I will be building a frame soon. I have seen the 2x4 stack method but have not heard how the axle flex is. Does it limit the axle by hitting the frame because of know arc? If anyone has built one like this I would love too hear your feedback thank you.
I made a 2x4 stacked frame last year for my 78 CJ5. It hasn't seemed to make any difference in axle flex but there is absolutly "NO" frame flex. Kinda like a tank, but that was what I wanted. I'd measured tire travel or lift or whatever it's called by attaching a strap to one front wheel and lifting it with a overhead chainfall and marking it on a strap. Once I got the frame made and mounted the drive train in it I did the same thing and had virtually the same travel.

Dave "oldguy"
That is good to hear. I am off to get some 2x4x3x16th. Thank you very much.
Did you use solid wire or dual shield?
I currently building a new frame for my 73. Im using 2x4x.125 a500 rectangular tubing.

I used an arc welder with 6013 and 6011 rods.
Solid wire, gas shielded. I'd suggest you measure twice so you only cut once (experience talking), clamp the frame together and support the :dung: out of it before welding so you don't have to cut it apart and reweld anything (again experience talking). If you have access to a band saw that's great, I used a chop saw, or cutoff saw I got from Menards and was really happy with it. Saves a lot of grinding cleaning up torch cuts. Thats IMHO. Dave
you know, I do not know of you welding abilities or of your ability to sheild off the area you are welding in, But I would tack that puppy woth a wire FCAW, do the thick metal areas in SHAW an com back do any detail work in GMAW. the penetration ease with SHAW is a no brainer. The ability to sheild an area for a proper GMAC weld though can be tough but it does make a sweeter lookin finished product.
I just do not think I would trust a frame product to GMAC with out a professional doing the work, I would rather see it done FCAW, at least that way you know you are getting good metal penatration

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