'72 CJ5 gas mileage?

'72 CJ5 gas mileage?


Fort Smith
Well, I just started playing in this thing again. It's old and leaks a little oil from what I believe is the rear main seal(baseball size puddle over night). It's pretty sound, no smoke, oil gauge works but that's all lol. Setup is all stock minus 33's. It's a '72 CJ5 258 4.2/3spd/Dana 20, axles are Dana 30/Dana 44 and what I believe is the lower gears it showed to have which were 4.27 I think, but with the 33's it's low. With the gas gauge not working what should a guesstimated mileage be? I need to guess by where I stand by the gas I put in the tank. I really need to fix the gauge but it'll be a little while.
Mine with 3:73 and 33in tires gets in the 12 range
My 73 with 258ci, 3 speed, 3.73 gears, 30' BFG KM2's and a weber 34/34 gets 13 all city. I still think i can get a few more mpg's out of it going to a Petronix ignitor II, high volt coil and low ohm wires. M
If you don't want to walk home figgure 10 untill you get a feel for it. does the odometer still work??:cool:

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