72 jeep cj5 turn signal problem

72 jeep cj5 turn signal problem


jackson mi
a cj5 with dana 30 front and a dana 44 rear not sure of transfercase and a 232 strait 6 and a plow
i just got a 72 jeep CJ5 and the front lighting harness has been so cobbled that you couldent tell what goes ware im sure!! that it wasnt stock i cut the harness and got most of my light back in order i fixed my turnsignal and pulled my hazard swich once and now if i turn either side on my hazards come on and it would me nice if some one had a better wiring diagram than hayns
I had the same problem on my 1980 CJ7 and it turned out that my signal switch in the column had broken and would turn both lights one when i hit the turn signal
I dont know if the 72 is even close to the same but just food for thought
Lights get ground from the front grill...... The GRILL is one of the CJ parts that has a very weak ground.

Ground your grill, the next part is the round signal lamps get ground from the body & screw contact with the grill. The SIGNAL LAMPS loose or have weak ground and cause all kinds of funny issues. There is a OEM JEEP stand off the mtd screw goes thru like a copper pipe stand off. This was the jeep solution to help gound and many are missing. Run ground will help, can ground wire the reflector or work so the screw/reflector get a better ground.

I used SS screws up front... If the fastener/screw is very rusty... many are... this could also give you more gound issues.

I have a little issue here... will be making short stand offs with brass or copper thick wall pipe or tube. Clean the area and when assemble is done put dielectric grease on parts to cut down on corrosion and moisture.

The connectors for +++ on the back like to get dirty and corroded. ON ALL ELECTRICAL CONNECTOR on our classic beasts.... Mate & Unmate these connectors 8-10 fully. Then add dielectric grease, fill the female side and put some on the male side and mate together for the last time. If the connectors and tabs are dirty with grit and corrosion.... clean them first.... alcohol and a brush work well.

The wires rub up front too... sometimes the wire insulation wears off and can cause issues too. So look around with this in mind. I use the split tube for the wire harness protection eveywhere.


I never realized the screws act as a ground for those front lights. Too bad I already spent a day cleaning grounds, replacing switches, and chasing wires.

Will ground the grill and check those screws in the morning.

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