74 cj5 seat brackets

74 cj5 seat brackets


spring lake MI.
74, CJ-5, Engine 360 AMC, Tranny-T18, Transfer Case-D20, Rear Axle-44, Front Axle-30, Warn Lock Outs,4"Suspension Lift, Tires 14/35/15, Dual Shocks
Looking for seat brackets that fit the front seats of my 74 CJ5:confused:
Intermediate year CJ's have severely Limited options for direct bolt-in seat brackets. For bucket or split seats all that is available are universal fit brackets that will require modifications (there are some brackets that work pretty well for bench seats).

Nomad127 did a great write-up on making brackets here -->> http://www.jeep-cj.com/forums/f7/72-75-cj5-seat-bracket-build-9324/
New post for an old thread. Nice work Jeep friend. You confirmed some Ideas I've had too. I have a pair of Bestop low-rise seats in my old FrankenJeep (M-38 windshield, 1962 CJ5 tub, 1979 fuel filler, 1975 frame and 304, and so on) and they sit too high for me and the stock brackets. I'm going to fab up and weld on tumble hinges for my seats to continue to give me underseat access though (low seat backs allow this), I think maybe use two smaller pieces of square tubing on your front mount setup and run a piece of DOM through and weld the tubing to the seat frame should do it.

I may also try to make the seat tumble like the originals did. The seats that came with my Jeep years ago were from a 1978 or so Levi Edition's model and were not the original fold and tumble.

Thanks again for a great post - it's now a .pdf in my projects folder. :chug:

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