74 CJ5 , Teraflex, Twin Shift, new console, new CB

74 CJ5 , Teraflex, Twin Shift, new console, new CB


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1974 CJ5
Decided to have a Teraflex 3:14 conversion put in my Dana 20. While it is apart, may as well convert to the Novak twinstick, make a new console and, what the heck, Xmas is here need a CB....
The Teraflex is a really high quality conversion-HUGE difference compared to the 2:1 stock gears.
The Novak twinstick is a really high quality twin shifter kit. Once installed however, the rear diff immeditely began jumping out of low range. A quick call to Novak, and consultation with their Dana 20 expert-and a solve was in process. I did see where many used spring shimms to stiffen the springs. For my application Novak advised that we fill in the "slopped " detent on the rear diff shift rail-with weld. Once filled in, grind until the Shifter (for the rear diff) snaps in and out of four low. WORKED PERFECT! What really suprised me was how smoth I could move in and out of four low-rear diff.
I have seen pros and cons re driving a CJ5 in front wheel drive. Speaking from first hand experience during the recent snow storm in the East-I can say for me, the CJ was MUCH easier to drive when the roads had patches of dry and snow combined. I would simply slip the rear diff in neutral, leave the front diff engaged. As soon as the roads were completely covered-back to 4Whl. My opinion-jeep fish-tailed MUCH less, and, was easier to keep straight
The Console was fabbed out of diamond plate, with , the Novak twinshift boot installed. Picture does not do it justice-looks really clean !
The Cobra 29 is a REALLY nice unit. I did have some difficulties mounting it due to the size. I made a bracket , and, bolted it to the lip under the dash-I wish I could angle it a bit more, but, with Limited space, this was the best compromise! Love the Weather stations
I will post some actual storm driving pictures in a bit....
This is Rt 8 South between Butler and Slipery Rock (PA) . Definitely was in 4 wd here. However, as soon as I reached the top of the hill-pushed the rear diff in neutral and proceeded in 2 wd. Absolutley LOVE the Novak twin stick
Same Day-different road. Had about 12" of snow on the trail going into our camp. Twinstick in low front and rear. CJ went down the trail, and , up a sizeable off-camber hill. Tires-Dura Trac Goodyears, 235-75-16. Went right in-no trouble. Also, Both Diffs-OPEN
That does look really clean! Good job! I'm really thinking about going with the novak twin stick as well for my Dana 20
I agree they go much better in front drive. I'm bad to over power the rear tires on my 2wd trucks. I'm seriously of converting the dana 300 on my new jeep to twin stick
my twin stick has to be one of the best up-grades I've made.:)
Shifting the 300 is so much easier now.
es335-i'm looking at possibly getting a t18 that would mount to a Dana 20 tc. (pm if you like) what did a Dana 20 run for you. did you have to rebuild it? and was it pretty easy to double stick it.
I'm thinking hard on the twin stick. I found several diy twin stick builds on the web. Some of the store bought are a bit salty.
Very clean looking set-up. I am going to have to drop my transmission to resolve a shifting problem. I have been contemplating the twin stick upgrade as well.

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