75 CJ5 Fender Problems

75 CJ5 Fender Problems


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Now on to the fender issues. It looks like I have two different fenders on my 75 CJ5. The drivers side has a nice slope at the bottom and where the hood clamp mounts it is a little higher than the passenger side. The bottom of the passenger fender is straight across and it is very hard to get the hood clamp on. Takes everything I got to get the hood locked down. Any ideas

Read more: http://www.jeep-cj.com/forums/f49/my-new-75-cj5-11894/index3.html#ixzz1j55vgxtk

I have pics of the issue on MY 75 CJ5 post. Sorry I don't know how to link the pics from the prior thread.... :notworthy:
So you probably have an oem fender on one side and a aftermarket on the other. I would suggest you try and move things around and live with it. You can always drill holes larger and bend sheet metal. After a little rock rash and desert pin striping it won't bother you.
Well I want it right cause that is the way I am. It has a fiberglass tub and fiberglass fenders. Someone before me did the work just cut some corners. Just looking for advice
How about some pics, you didn't mention the fenders being glass. Is there a chance that the PO altered one of them?
The passenger side is an OEM copy. The band on the bottom is equal width. The drivers side is not. I suspect a different manufacturer or a earlier or later version. To get them the same, you might have to replace both at the same time. it does look odd but you have to look pretty close.
It definitely looks like you have 2 different fenders on it, but looking at the head on photo, it also looks like the grille is tilted toward the passenger side. Have you checked the body mounts at the tub? You might try measuring from the top of the frame up to the bottom of the tub, on each side and see if it's the same. I understand that with fiberglass tubs, you sometimes have to add shims at the body mounts to get everything level.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents. Good Luck - Bill :chug:
:confused: Sorry I forgot to mention that my garage floor is very uneven and it slopes to the passenger side. We had a crappy builder.:notworthy:

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