76 CJ-5 Front and Back Seats

76 CJ-5 Front and Back Seats


1976 CJ 5 with the 232 3 speed
Good day,
This is my first post as I am new here. I have a 1976 CJ5 that some one put newer style high back seats in. Along with the seats came the new risers and sliders. I bought 2 front seats to replace the current ones. I bought Best Top simple black low back seats because they shoud sit lower and give me more room under the steering wheel. I removed the current seats and discoverd I now need to buy the origional risers and sliders because the current ones were welded into place and do not fit the older style seats. My question is, how does the new riser attach to the floor? As i said the current ones were welded in. There are four holes in the floor on each side that looks like they might be where the old riser mounted. Also I would like to install a back seat. The back floor has been replaced and ther are no mounting holes. Can i easily install a new back seat and seat belts? I assume i will have to drill through the body. Thanks for the help. When I bought the jeep four weeks ago it had 4375 miles on it. It was certified by the auction house that sold it as original miles. I am a bit skeptical there really is no way to verify this correct?
The risers just bolt to the floor on the 1976 CJ. My recommendation would be to pick up some OEM style risers, cut out the PO handy work, then see how the original risers fit as a guide to where they need to be placed. The back seat holes will need to be laid out and drilled but no big deal. I’d try Craig’s List or the bone yard first for the risers but new ones can be had.

As far as the miles I would have to bet the miles on the clock are plus 100K at least. No way to really know for sure but some of the things to check would include wear on the peddles, and evidence of seal leaks and dirt at any of the normal spots. If there really is only 4K plus miles on it chances of leaking at the end of the axle tubes, valve covers, or rear engine seal are slim. Even so if there is some evidence it should be minimal and not caked as it would with time. Peddles covers can be replaced so if like new it doesn’t confirm anything but worn peddles tell you it has been driven.

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