'77 DJ-5 Engine Run-On

'77 DJ-5 Engine Run-On


Bellingham, WA
Hello all!

First-poster, having already been helped numerous times by the advice on these forums. However, I've finally come across an issue hard enough to articulate in Google that I've decided just to post about it.

Recently redid the majority of my DJ-5's ignition system. New ignition switch and module, starter solenoid, distributor cap and rotor, plug wires, and spark plugs. These combined got my DJ-5 running. However, the engine will not turn-off after turning the key off.

I thought this might be due to carbon build-up in the cylinders, as many on here pointed out, but I'm not so sure. The following are the symptoms in detail:

1: Engine running - went to turn-off ignition switch. Engine kept running.
2: Pull battery wire from positive, engine went dead nearly immediately.
3: Tried starting engine again, same symptoms as prior except with an additional detail...
4: Instead of letting the positive battery-cable dangle for thirty-odd seconds as before, I tried to reconnect it in about five seconds. The engine attempted to start once more, for only a moment, then died.

Any ideas as to why this might be happening? My initial guess would be that the alternator is back-feeding current into the system, and then causing the spark plugs to fire. But am open to any other suggestions!


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