78 CJ7 Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit

78 CJ7 Master Cylinder Rebuild Kit


Galway, Ireland
1994 Jeep YJ,
1982 CJ7 Renegade,
1979 CJ7 Renegade,
1978 CJ7 Golden Eagle
Where can i buy a rebuld kit for a master cylinder for 78 CJ7. I dont have a power brake booster and I have discs in the front and drums in the back.

The rebuild kits I see are only for power brake master cylinders.

I have manual brakes. I dont know if the mast cylinder is 2 bolt caliper or 6 bolt caliper. How can I find this out? Its a RHD but dont think this makes a different. The 2 holes on the side are on the left looking forward.

I need to be able to order this kit online as i am in Ireland.

Thanks, I was ordering a new one anyway from Quadratec , just thought I could also rebuild the one I was taking out and use in the next project :).

Thanks for your help.
When looking into this same thing myself, I found that a new one from Napa or Oriley was only a few more dollars than the rebuild kit and came with a warranty. I am starting to find that my time is pretty expensive to mess with some things!

This won't be too expensive Dear! That's what I keep saying. Over and over again.
Mine would always fail by pits in the bore. Seal kits didn't work. Go for the new/ rebuilt. Not a good place to skimp.

I switched to silicone brake fluid, no more pitting cause it doesn't absorb water. :D

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