'78 CJ7 won't turn over

'78 CJ7 won't turn over


Gorgona, Panama
1978 Jeep CJ-7
The hubs and I just purchased a '78 CJ7 . It's a V8 manual, 3 speed transmission without any mods, just restoration work. It recently had fuel pump replaced by the previous owner. After the fuel pump was replaced, it started. However, when we had it delivered to us today, it won't start. It was delivered to us on a flatbed trailer.

When I try to turn over the ignition, it clicks, but nothing else. Could this be a continued issue with the fuel pump? Maybe something got knocked out of wack during the transport or could it be an ignition/starter issue?

Wondering where I should start inspecting the problem, if there are any other sounds I should be listening for, etc. Let me know if there are other details I can provide. I used to work on my old camry (valve cover gaskets, brakes, but never issues involving where the vehicle won't start so I'm a little lost). Thanks for any help anyone can give me :)
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I would first check the battery, then battery cables and clamps, then starter solenoid and starter. Maybe just need to charge the battery.
There isn't any corrosion on any of the cables or connections for the battery terminals, etc.
The previous owner was trickle charging it when we looked at it last week. We also have a trickle charger and plugged it in when it wouldn't turn over. It gave off a spark. I don't know why. It's never done that before. We thought it sparked because the battery was full.

The headlights come on when I pull the light switch. When I turn the ignition and it clicks, the lights dim. I've read that this indicates your ignition switch is working properly. We don't have a voltage meter/tester so I'm not 100% sure.

I'm starting to think it could be one of 2 things, electrical short or starter. With the extremely Limited electrical in the Jeep, I'm not sure if that's a route worth going.

Is there a way I can test the starter without removing it or is that a must to see if it's still working properly?
The first thing I would try is jumping it sounds like a bad batt to me.
Thanks sooooo much! It was the battery. We pulled our big beefy battery out of the other Jeep (not a CJ) and it started right up. I guess I was looking for a major problem right off the bat since the CJ has a couple decades on the other Jeep. Thankful it was a simple issue to fix :)
okie dokie...so we went, picked up another battery, stuck it in the cj and now it just turns and turns and won't turn on! we stuck the other battery from the other jeep in to see if that battery still worked (making sure we didn't buy a bum battery) and that one didn't work either. why would the cj turn on after changing the battery the other day and not now? what could be the problem? :(

crossing my fingers it's another simple fix
Now you have to find out whether it is a fuel or electrical problem. Since you just had a fuel issue, I would start with that. Like verify if the carb has any gas in it by operating the throttle, looking down the carb and see if you can see any gas squirting out the accelerator pump nozzles. If not check and see if the fuel pump is actually working by removing the outlet hose, turning over the starter and watching for fuel flow out of that hose. It will be a simple fix,btw.
so we got the CJ started by dripping some gas into the carborator, then it dies. the new fuel pump that was put in is electric and there was a new fuel line installed as well. when I put the key in the ignition and turn slightly, it sounds like the pump is turning on, but when I go to crank it all the way, it doesn't start. the hubs hung around the engine to see if gas was getting pumed into the carb from the fuel line, but none's coming in on it's own...

how shall I proceed? check to see if fuel pump is getting electricty with a voltage meter?
how shall I proceed? check to see if fuel pump is getting electricty with a voltage meter?

Thats a good place to start.
Maybe the PO wired it up wrong.
If you can hear the fuel pump it is probably getting battery voltage. Electric fuel pumps can be a bit tricky to setup. You only need around 4 p.s.i. for a carb engine. You would probably be better off by switching back to a manual fuel pump.
fuel pump went out...don't have voltage meter, but do have car battery charger and when I hook up that, nada. i tested it by taking the fuel pump out and connecting it directly to car battery and even car battery charger.

I think it actually shorted out the battery that was in there before.
what would cause a brand new fuel pump to go out like that? could it be all the corroded cables? should I change out that cable? (not looking forward to getting into that cruddy old harness just yet...I wanted to do it all at once so I could do it right and do it purdy)
it looks like an electric fuel pump was originally there...there are cables connecting it to the fuse box and the fuse box doesn't look like it was messed with recently under the hood...also, the cable lead from the fuel pump was tied into the existing wire right next to it

it seems like a bunch of little problems. when the CJ was delivered, the fuel pump was working but battery was dead. when we got another battery put in, it started right up so we went and bought a new battery. when we put the brand new battery in, it wouldn't start and neither would the fuel pump...

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