79 cj 5

79 cj 5


Carson city Nv.
Looking for advice. I have a79 cj5 with a inline 6 ( no power ) I'm told the engine has just been rebuilt. My question is I am thinking of converting to a small block chevy with an auto. Thinking of a late model salvaged wreck that is fuel injection and has all the computer equipment. Am I out of my tree or is this a good application, and how difficult to swap? Thanks
I have a '79 CJ5 with a 304, a T18 and a Dana 20 with a TerraLow kit installed.
I say if you want a V8 get an AMC 304, 360 or 401. They are all the same engine block and they were made to fit. No modifications needed.
You need to research the auto trannys that will bolt to a Chevy 350 in a cj5 I don't know off my head if there are any short ones that will still allow a drive shaft. My buddy put an amc 360 with a tf999 auto tranny and Dana 300 transfer case in his wife's cj5. all stock Jeep compact components but only left about 14" of drive shaft and that was with 4" lift springs so if your keeping stock height it will be even shorter. I'm not saying it can't be done but I would measure your current tranny/transfer length and try to see what you can find that will either be close to the same or shorter and measure your drive shaft so you can see how short it would be with a different setup.

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