'81 4.2L water pump pulley

'81 4.2L water pump pulley


Charleston, SC
'81 CJ-5 4.2L
Recently purchased '81 CJ5. Repairing lots of mods made by PO. Went to replace water pump and two washers were spacing pulley out from pump flange. without the washers the pulley drags on water pump housing. Evidence of this on old pump too. This setup has a 2 V belt configuration (pwr strng and alt) and a four blade fan. by measuring alignment of pulleys, I actually need about 3/8" of spacers. both water pumps are identical. Does anyone know if there are several variants of water pumps or pulleys for this setup? Any assistant would be greatly appreciated
I am needing a new wp too. Waiting for someone to jump on this and give some good advice.
Sounds like your PO did some junkyarding I am not pulling any sources of new pulleys up on google however there seems to be 3 diffrent water pumps for the 6 cyl CJs of the years maybe you have a swapped motor? or swaped accesory drive? :( some pics would help
i would question the origin of the pulley.:D
I ended up buying two pulleys. The first one was too short, (might work for you) the second one was the winner for me.

There are different pulleys for those things. Pull a measurement from the inside of the snout to the back edge of the pulley. If yours is about 3/8 more than the one I have you can have it.

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