82 CJ 7 overflow location pic please

82 CJ 7 overflow location pic please

1970 beepbeep

82 CJ7, 258 motor, 4 speed.
Have'nt been here in awhile. Was wondering if some could post a pic of of there overflow bottle mounted in the engine bay. Bought mine without and now its time to install one that I bought from one of the 4 wheel catalogs.

Thanks in advance Rick
The stock one mounts next to the w/s washer res. on the left wheel well.
OEM or aftermarket?
Here's my aftermarket overflow (not the best picture)
If you use an aftermarket you plumb from the radiator to the bottom of the overflow bottle so it can suck the coolant back out as the engine cools. The OEM bottle has a tube that goes to the bottom of the bottle.
Here you go. It's the one under the master cylinder. It's smaller on the bottom to fit over the ignition module below it.

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