Build Thread 82 cj7 build

Build Thread 82 cj7 build


So, I just got a jeep for my high school graduation present. I was going to get a 2004/5 Subaru wrx sti, but my dad started buying/restoring/selling jeeps. This got me thinking hm, can I go romping in a subaru? Obviously not, plus now I get to have something to pour money into forever and ever!

Bottom line, I got an 82 CJ7 today. It runs really bad, worse than a jeep haha, but we have an extra engine laying around if we really need to swap it. We drove it back and sprayed some water in the carb. That helped a bit and got rid of some knocks and noises, but it was still missing. We changed the oil and spark plugs/distributor cap/spark plug wires, and it's doing even better, but we've still got some work to do on it before it runs well. This is my to do list so far, but it's going to grow for sure.

car cost $1800
battery was like 80
misc parts to get it in GOOD condition instead of okay....185.87

Round tube front/back bumpers w/bull bar
ARB front and back
CB radio
lock box
roll cage
seat belts
minor soundproofing
bedliner on the hard top
4:1 transfer case
high altitude carb
skid plates
beadlock wheels


Ok I've been working on this thing almost every day now :D
I took off all the little stuff like brakelights, antennae, tire mount, trim stuff, etc... for paint prep and changed the locks so I could have a key.
We discovered a big hole of rust under 1/4" of bondo in the fender. Fixing this would've been too much work so we just replaced it. took 4 freaking hours to line it up though!



Then I got my new front bumper:)

The only two spots of rust other than the fender were on the drivers side floor board and rocker panel. cut both out and welded in the floor panel tonight, rocker panel's coming soon.

The pass. rear axle is out right now, we're replacing the axle seals, and when we get that on, I'll get a pic of the car on its new rims/tires :)
keep the pictures coming. I'm getting ready to sand blast the bottom of my tub this weekend provided my job doesn't get in the way.
Got the rocker panel repair welded in today, did some more teardown for paint and minor repairs. Not worth pics, but how do I edit posts on this forum?
There is only one way I know how to edit. Just after you hit the submit button if you look at the bottom right corner of the post it gives options to edit. Now don't hold my feet to the fire but I think as long as you are logged in for however long you can edit. But if you log out and come back it's game over. There could another way but I don't know. Peace out.
Hey so I've been doing a lot of work, mostly minor stuff, but I'm getting the major stuff out of the way right now, here's some pics because I'm a picture whore myself :D

2011-06-21165315.jpg Welded in the new roll cage and had my buddy spray paint it glossy black

2011-06-21165329.jpg prepping for the interior

2011-06-22111901.jpg Sprayed in raptorliner on the inside. This stuff is AWESOME. It has the best texture of any bedliner I've seen todate, and my dad says he's seen it bend with metal when scraping on rocks (I'll believe it when I see it)

2011-06-22111919.jpg Pic of the texture on the tailgate

2011-06-22111952.jpg Raptor lined the outside of the top too. We're going to do the inside of it when we get more raptorliner.

2011-07-04175249.jpg Put in some new speakers. Riveted them to the fenders and one way screws for the front. New deck, 4 speakers, and new 10" marine sub with amp to be put in soon. The inside's dirty because of all the sanding I've been doing on the old bondo for paint. Plus there's just a whole bunch of trash in it haha and yes, that's a beautiful tj back there, don't know the owner.

2011-07-04175303.jpg My friend sprayed the dash yellow, and I got a new black dashpad too.

2011-07-05210406.jpg Racing buckets in with 4 point racing harnesses in. The harnesses have a retractor just like stock, and it can bolt in to the factory locations except the retractor can mount off the rear roll cage plate if that makes sense.

2011-07-06141610.jpg Ready for paint!
IMG_20110713_182457.jpg Back from paint! Jaguar racing green

IMG_20110727_143417.jpg Who needs engines that oil foul cylinder 3?

IMG_20110728_201420.jpg new to me 258


It seems to be running well!

pretty much finished! just little things now, the winch needs to go on still and there's some stuff on the inside that needs to be painted but it's mostly done!

Nice Jeep!
Nice job!
Nice tread!
I like it! :notworthy:
Where in Colorado do you live?
Thanks man! I live in Monument, but I'm moving up to fort collins in mid august do you know of any fun off roading trails out there?
Thanks man! I live in Monument, but I'm moving up to fort collins in mid august do you know of any fun off roading trails out there?
I live in Durango and I know of a lot of trails in SW Colorado. I don't get to the front range very often in my CJ. If you every have your jeep in the area let me know. I can show you some trails.
Disturbingly impressive! You did a nice job pal!
Got my winch on!


I also got a new alternator because my old one crapped out.

edit, I tried to rotate the before picture, but I guess I'm incompetent.

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