84 cj muffler suggestions?

84 cj muffler suggestions?


84 CJ7 302V8 edelbrock performer intake 4barrel holley off road carb T 176 4spd manual tran Dana 300 T-case 2.5" lift w skyjacker shocks Dana 30 front 4.56 gear w locker Amc 20 rear 4.56 gears w locker 36" super swampers Iroks on 15" MT classic2
I have an 84 CJ7 with a 302v8. currently i have dual exhaust that is nothing more than straight pipe from the headers to turnouts behind the rear wheels (ie, no muffle or cat currently installed). I just wanna cut the exhust pipe and slide in two mufflers. I dont want a load exhaust as right now i cant hear the radio cruising down the road with the soft top on. but i would like a little rumble but quiet enough to not drive you nuts going down the road and scare all the deer away from 15miles out on approach to the woods. any recommendations?
Flowmasters i dont know how quiet the super 40 series is on a 302 but a friend of mine has them on a 99 z71 and its not much louder than stock but still sounds really good
Will the 40 series fit easily under a jeep. i did look at the Flowmaster 50 Series 4x8 -Three chamber Mufflers, because they were smaller and flowmaster recommends then for the jeep just didnt know how they sounded.
The 40 series are no bigger thn any other muffler out there so they should fit provided your pipes are run to accomadate mufflers
From what I understand the 50 series should be quieter than the 44.
I do know that there hushpower mufflers are LOUD.
I have an 84 CJ7 with a 302v8. currently i have dual exhaust that is nothing more than straight pipe from the headers

Even a set of glass packs will tone that down pretty substantially.:)
Im running dual glasspacks and I love them. They aren't obnoxiously loud as reputation would have it...just a nice throaty sound. Best of all they take up virtually no space tucked up behind the frame rails and they are tougher then hell. Did I mention cheap?
Ok so after your suggestions and some googling. Im thinking the Dynomax Thrush Glass Pack Mufflers. (i like the price) Does any know what the diffence in the length does or do they just make differnt lengths to fit your current exhaust system, because the 24214 is shorter than the 24213 and about $40.00 cheaper. I can cut the current pipe to what ever lenth i need.

Also when the manufacture post the muffler is a 2 1/2 inlet and outlet. Is that the mesurement of the inside diameter of the inlet and outlet of the Muffler ( ie 2 1/2 inlet muffler will fit over a 2 1/2 exhaust pipe outside diameter.

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