84 cj7

post some pics :D
:wtf:The model would be a CJ7. Not sure what your asking, what exactly do you want to know because the items that a VIN will reveal could have since been changed. If your looking to find a cosmetic package such as Renegade or Laredo, it's won't be part of the VIN. Some cosmetic additions were dealer specific too.
Axles will be wide track 20 & 30. Gear ratio will depend on options and motor. Fill your profile out will help get your questions answered.
You pretty much have to have a bill of sale to find out what it was originally since any "appearance package" isn't part of the vin. There are several options grouped for each one and pictures of the interior and exterior will help make an educated guess.
As Darren said, those are the axles that would have came std. with it, unless they've been swapped. The front Dana 30 axle may still have the metal tag on it which will tell you the ratio, provided someone didn't change them and put the tag back on. It should be in a vertical position between 2 bolts that hold the diff. cover on. If you take a pic of each differential cover we can say for sure.
This is interesting, though it doesn't exactly have all of the info. I've got 17 characters, 1JCCF87ET######

What's the "F" ? It's a 5 Speed, so it should be N, right? Doing a search against the VIN, it comes up as the proper vehicle, so is there something missing in the linked page?

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