85' CJ 7 No Start

85' CJ 7 No Start

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Southern New Jersey
1985 CJ 7 6cyl, , 5spd, Dana 300, stock 3:31 rears
Not very familiar with the 4.2. Most of my mechanical experience is diesel equipment and trucks (like the powerjoke 6.0)! Well the CJ is started just about everyday maybe two days no problem except I haven't quite figured out the weber 38 DGAS high idle tuning yet. Went to start it today and cranked away and nothing fixed electric choke a week ago and all is well there. Saw and smelled the gas getting sprayed into carb. Took cap off distributor a little corrosion, cleaned it off with some emory cloth and still nothing. Let it sit a little while thought maybe I flooded it out. I plan on upgrading ignition system shortly. Anyone have any starting points for me to check! I know it's going to be something stupid:bang: I got to say I really enjoy crawling around this thing it's kind of therapy for a 250pd guy to be able to get his arms into the engine compartment!
I'm a new guy as well, but I have read that the ignition module is notorious for going bad. Might be a place to start as least.
If it's not firing and the problem isn't obvious(power to the coil, etc.), it's probably the ignition module. They have a habit of going bad with no warning sometimes....mostly while sitting(silver box on the drivers side fender well). As for your carb, I would seriously think about upgrading to either a Motorcraft 2100 or 2150. They are super cheap, very easy to work on and get parts for, a no-brainer to tune, and won't drive you crazy like the Weber will. I installed a kit I bought online, that contained the carb, breather, adapter plate, and throttle linkage hardware for about $300, and the guy even set the carb up and tuned it based on my driving location and conditions.....total plug and play with about two hours work.
Thanks for the replies. I just got in after checking it out, no spark out of plugs, so it's not a fuel issue. I have been reading up on this forum about the TFI upgrade which I wanted to do anyway but want to stay with a standard performance coil. Seems like everybody gives it a thumbs up. But I did notice variations on coil type. What is a upgrade to the ignition module??
What is a upgrade to the ignition module??
The MSD 6a is an upgrade from OEM but I wouldn't replace anything without doing a few checks.
1st off check the voltage on the coil. There are 2 smaller wires on the coil (not counting the big one going to the center of the distributor) Check the voltage on the wire marked +. You should have 12 volts there. If not you have a wiring problem or bad ignition switch.
If you do have 12 volts there then maybe, just maybe it's a bad ignition module. But it could also be a bad coil or wire to the distributor.

Checking the voltage on the coil is a good 1st step.
Thank you BusaDave9 will try in the morning. Was planning on checking coil today but had one of my PowerJokes giving me trouble and jump to that engine compartment to deal with that instead. Rather work on the CJ!
Well I cleaned coil contacts and distributor and half of a turn and we have combustion. So did the TFI upgrade today and now have an issue reinstalling steering wheel after replacing turn signal switch.:bang:
What kind of a issue are you having reinstalling your steering wheel?

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