85 CJ7 Questions for the "experts".

85 CJ7 Questions for the "experts".


85 CJ 7 Straight 6, currently being lifted and tuned.
Since I havent sold it I have decided to keep it and upgrade and start modifying, I need a few questions answered please.

1. What type or brand of spray on liner for interior? (floorpans etc.)
2. Do they make an automatic tranny for this year with the 6cyl.
3.What type of lift that will ease the ride in the rear end? (4 inch)

1] Can't help you, sorry.
2] TF904 or TF999
3] YJ springs make it ride a bit better.
1. husky liner would be good i think 2.the mopar trannys mentioned you could use an older GM Turbo 400 from the 70s unit not for sure on adaptability to stock adapters though just a possibilty. 3. if you buy a new lift sure ride makes a decent riding one not to stiff.
I used raptor liner, it's great stuff.
yeah, but I'm not good enough to know what it's called
not sure about that at all, sorry
1... anything roll on is good. you can keep it as thick or thin as you want and no worries about overspray. but remember, preperation is the key
2... th 727 is an option too
3... no such thing as a smooth riding cj.:D
Herculiner roll on Less then $100 and it looks fantastic.

IF you have a Dana 300 a 727 should bot to the back of the motor and the 300 will bolt to it but you need a 4"lift ot clear your skid plate.. the TF999 is also matable to the Dana 300 with out an adapter. GM Turbo 400 wont bolt up with out an adapter.. This is were you need to research hard before you get crazy and buy a trans under the advice of others.. When I got my 727 I took my 300 with me to make sure it would bolt up and it had no problems.

As for the springs.. its a jeep.. good luck.

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