85 cj7 seat

85 cj7 seat


I recently purchased a 1985 jeep CJ7 . The previous owner broke the drivers seat and discarded it. He said he moved the passenger seat over to the drivers side (not sure if he moved just the seat or the seat and riser). He gave me a seat riser of the seat he threw away. Apparently when he threw away the drivers seat he also threw away the seat slider bolted to the seat. I just compared the riser to the one bolted in. It looks likes one riser is several inches narrower than the other. The driver seat only has two bolts in it. It is too narrow to fit. The seperate riser looks like it fits the missing passenger side but also looks like it will fit the drivers side. Does anyone know if the two risers are the same width? Are there two different sizes? Thanks- P.K.
When I bought my CJ the passenger seat was the only seat bracket with a riser and the driver seat bracket was the only seat with a slider.

I picked up a drivers seat bracket riser with a slider already attached off craigslist and just swapped the slider to the passenger seat bracket, it fit like a glove.
They're definitely the same width - I just finished moving seats around in mine. I've got risers & sliders both sides.

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