A couple little trailer projects

A couple little trailer projects


RIP Mike, we'll all miss you
OKC area
'74 CJ-5,
360 AMC Engine.
35x12.50x15 TSL Super Swamper tires.

In a frame off rebuild for a long time...
I decided to build a 5x8 trailer this time, since our county heads decided that anything bigger than a 12' non-commercial trailer can't utilize the facilities anymore. WTF? Most everyone around here has a 16' Utility trailer!
Well, I wanted a smaller trailer anyways to pull behind the little Ranger I drive, so it seemed like a good time.
I got a good start on it this weekend, but I ran out of steel for the tongue, and still need to order an axle kit for it.
Its upside down in the pic...Not too exciting so far.

I have an aluminum toolbox (that originally came off my CJ, so its CJ related!) that will go on the tongue, a HF 3000 lb. winch on the deck with a battery, and deck lighting.
The axle will be a 3500 lb, with 5 on 4.5 hubs to match the Ranger. Its getting new wheels this summer, so I have a few extra wheels for the trailer.

I also got some work in on my 16' car hauler/utility trailer recently. Stripped the deck off it, straightened a few crossmembers, and added a few more. Strengthened the hoist mounts, added running board mounts to the sides, and tied the old fenders into the frame better to make it stiffer.
Oh, I also added a 18" drop tail to the rear end :)
It will also get new wiring and lights eventually.
I may even get to re-install the winch and battery that got put back on the CJ last year! LOL




Have to wait a few weeks for funds to finish both of these due to funds and other things going on.
I'm thinking I might sandblast these both before they get painted, the big one is really rusty from 10 years of trusty service.
The thing about your photos that jumps out at me is the GREEN GRASS.
It's melting fast but I've still got 8"-12" of snow on the ground.
what facilities are the county not allowing you to use?:cool:
The thing about your photos that jumps out at me is the GREEN GRASS.
It's melting fast but I've still got 8"-12" of snow on the ground.

Saw your location. Been there done that. Buddy was at Eilson we use to use his place for a vacation, went all over AK.
what facilities are the county not allowing you to use?:cool:

Oh sorry, I had to retype this whole post after I screwed up posting the pics! LOL.
The county heads have decided that the county dump can't be utilized by regular guys with a common 16' trailer. Does that make any sense? They are trying to reduce road waste, but it seems to me that if I make two trips out there with a smaller trailer, it could make twice the road waste, as there is more travel time to blow stuff out from under the tarp...Am i wrong?
I've been working on the little trailer as time and funds permit, and got enough done to take it for a spin around the block and see how it tows. It really tows nice. No hopping even when empty, no rattles or other noises. I think it will work for what I have in mind, as a general hauler of anything I need, that isn't worth getting the bigger trailer out. And The Wife will be buying a newer Jeep when she gets home from overseas, so we will use it for camping also.

In its current state:



I put a nice little tool box and a HF 3000 Lb winch with dedicated battery on board. Used the jack I bought for the car hauler (now I gotta replace it! lol) with the nice drop-down leg. Also has 4" clear lens red LED lights in the rear, and will have 2" clear lens red/amber LED lighting on the sides.
Still need to get the fenders on it, paint it, and do a few minor things here and there before its road ready, but I thought I'd share my progress with ya all.

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