Aftermarket axles

Aftermarket axles


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Hi everyone,

Doing a little work on my 65 CJ5 and just installed a Dana 30 front axle. The old axles and bearings looked beat so looking for some aftermarket chromoly axles.
Does anyone have any first hand current experience with the likes of say Yukon, Alloy USA, 10 Factory or Superior.
I know that some of these guys have gone out of business and came back under different names. In my research it seems that perhaps most of the Import axles could all come from one or two Mills overseas. The domestic seem to be made by Foot Manufacturing.
Yukon has a lifetime warranty the others 10 years or whatever.
Just curious about fit , durability and finish on any of these.
This Jeep is a deer hunter and trail rig but can see some tough stuff in the boonies.
I have superiors in the rear of mine and a buddy has there front & rear axles in his CJ8 , they seem to be well made and have been problem free. Both are 4-5 years old.
I also have Alloy usa in the front of mine, while they have held up for 3 years now, I wasn't very impressed with there quality. I had to debur the splines as they were still very sharp from machineing and the ears for the joints wasn't very well formed IMO.
I've also heard good things about 10 factory but don't have any personal experance with them.
Moser also has a very good rep.
Old Dog, Thanks for the info, the Superior axles seem to be the top of the line , and there price shows it. Saving a few hundred $$ and having to knock off some burrs is really no big deal to me. What I have heard lately is the Yukons are a little ruff around the edges and the Alloy USA seems to be alot better all around. Yukons are still a $100 cheaper per pair over the Alloys and Yukons no frills warranty looks good on paper but who wants to change an axle on the trail? The guy that used to own or run Alloy USA before they went belly up a few years back is the guy that started 10 factory. Alloy USA then got reorganized and purchased by Omix so they seem to be now doing alot better.

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