Altenator help

Altenator help


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Today I decided since Im waiting for a few thing to show up to move on with my build Ill go through and clean up engine parts that I took off the other days long story short it came time to clean the alternator. this thing was filthy.. I actually think filthy is to nice of a term for it.


I normally rebuild my own alternators so I quickly tore into this one. Every thing came out with no problems, and as expected it was loaded down with mud, dirt and grease on the inside. I broke it down, cleaned it up reassembled it with nothing looking out of place, no visual damage was noted to any thing nd the brushes were wore down about half way.

I took it to the part store to have them test it once it was reassembled, I know I should have had it tested before I cleaned it up but I was embarrassed by how dirty it was. When the guy tested it, it showed no voltage? Any one know why it would show that? any recommendations on what to replace to get it back working.

Here's how it looks as a clean paper weight ..

I would start with new brushes but there is no reason I can say the old ones are bad.:cool:
Either brushes or regulator.
If you are going to rebuild get a kit. You don't want to replace the brushes and then have the regulator go out a week later.
Thanks busa. Where did you find that kit at? When ever I go through one I normally replace the bushings, but wanted to see if any thing else was bad before orderiing the brushes. I've got another one on the shelf. I think I'm gonna have tested. I'm not sure if the parts monkey was doing it right. He needed a lot of help setting it up.
I dont know why it didn't post but I wrote this long dissertation about the alternator problem and parts store retard. Thanks Busa for the link. I was hoping that it had the kits there to buy but only had directions on how to rebuild, which for shiggles I read through even though I was confident that I knew how to do it. Come to find out I had a wrong bolt that held down the diode to the brush holder and was grounding it out. I swapped the bolts, took it back and had to arm wrestle the guy to test a shelf alternator since both of the ones I bought in showed a bulb failure (or something like that) Sure enough his machine was bad. I hit the next closest store and they both worked great.

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