Alternator/Regulator Problem

Alternator/Regulator Problem


Lugoff, SC
77 CJ7 Chevy 305, 4 inch suspension
Guys, I need some help. I have a 77 CJ 7 that came with a 304. My PO put in an interesting engine after the 304 went away. He took what has checked out to be a 86 305 from an IROC Camaro that had been rebuilt. The electronics were abandoned and a distributer from a 76 Model 305 was installed. It honestly runs well when I have a battery charge. Here is the problem. I was not getting enough charge for the batter so I had the alternator checked. The alt. was from a mid 80's 302(motorcraft part) which was another surprise. Okay now, I have been losing charge on the battery constantly. I have had the alternator checked while the jeep was running and with it off. The test results were first on the jeep and failed low voltage, then took off and it passed on bench, then reinstalled and passed , then a week later tested agin on the vehicle and failed, took off and passed. I then reinstalled with no luck. So I took off again and had it checked on bench 3rd time and it pased so was told to try the regulator. I bought one for a 77 CJ 7 and installed it with the alternator and now it does nothing. What to do next? Does the regulator need to be for the specific alternator or for the vehicle specific or does it matter?

Cliffs Notes: 302 Ford Alt that has one red wire (Batt) green wire (Fld) and Grounded to top of mount 63 amp alt
Alternator is running on a 305 chevrolet bastardized motor that runs quite well by the way
should I buy new alternator? what voltage regulator do I need? Volt meter always reads low. handheld meter will read 12.6 and gauge will read 11.5 and sometimes bumps to 14 but mainly 11.5.

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