Alternator wiring

Alternator wiring


Watertown, NY
83 CJ-7, 6 cyl. with Howell TBI kit, TF 727 transmission Dana 300 twin stick, 2.5" suspension, 1" body lift, currently under repairs,
99 TJ, 6 cyl., 4" suspension lift on 33s
I am currently rewiring my 83 CJ7 with a painless kit 10106. And I was looking at my alternator. It is a 96 amp delco-remy internally regulated. It was wired with the slt output wired to the batt. side of starter solenoid. the 2 other connectors have a jumper wire connecting them together. Why would the slternator have a jumper like that? I vaguely remember doing this before with another jeep about 10 years ago but do't remember why. Can anybody help me out?

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