amc 20 bearing eater

amc 20 bearing eater


1982 jeep cj7 everything is pretty much stock
hello, i have a pretty much stock 82 CJ7 with the AMC20 rear axle. some one put the one piece axle conversion in it, no clue of the brand. i just bought it and found the axle bearing gone, thought it was from abuse and water in the oil. put all new bearings and seals drove it for a few miles and it ruined the new bearings already, it looks like the axle is sliding inward just enough to let the bearing slide half way out of the race. just wondering if anyone has any info what i need to do. thank you in advance.
I'm not sure I'm understanding, but you should have a spacer behind the bearing that sets the preload on the bearing. Maybe the PO didn't set this right.
Do you have any pics by chance?
here's some install instructions most 1 piece axles install the same way

one other question what bearings did you use. If you used set 9 bearings the bearing retaining ring is to wide and hits the inner seal, so the shaft (bearing) will not seat all the way.
I dont think I understand either I dont remmeber my bearing outer race being able to slide at all.....:eek:..I think I remmeber that the rollers stay put in the race I cant see any reason the bearings could fail so fast unless you didnt grease them? show us some pics if you can
Did the bearing retainer ring get pressed on fully? Did it get cracked during the pressing? I've seen that happen once. When it's fully pressed on, the axle can't move much of anywhere.

That IS a true PRESS FIT, to be done using a hydraulic press. You didn't try & hammer it together??
thank you for all the help and the directions, got it figured out, it was human error, i reused the old bearing lock. stupid on my part. going to the auto parts store to fix it today. it will be back on the trails by lunch time. thank you again. it was my first jeep axle, i was thinking the bearing lock was just a spacer. thats what i get from thinking all rearends are the same.

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