an icon of democracy

an icon of democracy


Well, I'm from the Philippines and we just lost one of our greatest icon of democracy here in our county "former president Corazon Aquino". I was around 4 years old when my father carried me at his shoulders to protest against our previous dictator former president Ferdinand Marcos... my whole family way back then was marching EDSA AVENUE to ouster Marcos with the spearhead leadership of Corazon Aquino which led to the most famous "BLOODLESS REVOLUTION" to ouster a president. My question to you guys is this, who is your icon of democracy?:chug:
Well, we're not really a democracy so to speak, We're a republic. But For me it would be withought a doubt George Washington.
Like coldwater I would have to pick one of our founding fathers, because it's been down hill from there. In the last 50 years it's been straight down.
If things don't turn around soon I think we are going to have another american revolution :eek:
I'm going to go a little different rout and pick an item and not a person...

I would have to say what I consider one of the finest documents ever drafted - The US Constitution.
OK, I'll go middle of the road of both of ya' Thomas Jefferson. Mainly for authoring the Declaration of Independence.

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