Another Identification Question

Another Identification Question

51 CJ3

Hi everyone, I'm new to the Willys Jeep world and have an unbelievable amount to learn. The first thing I'm trying to figure out exactly what I bought last week. I have a clear title that says it's a 1951 CJ3a and a matching 451-GB1 VIN tag on the firewall. However, right below the VIN tag is a body id tag that reads J-2A 81296. I have yet to locate the frame number. I followed some links posted in other threads and it seems to me I have a CJ2a tub with a CJ3a windshield but I wanted to ask some more experienced people before I jump to any conclusions.

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In '53 they only made the CJ3a which had a windshield like yours. But the serial number tag does make it look like a CJ2a body. I agree it is confusing.
The serial number 81296 looks like it's a 1946 CJ2a. Check out this link: 45-49 CJ2A Serial & Number Information Page
I come up with the same year on this site too:
The CJ2A Page -- History of the CJ2A
Those top bow storage brackets on the left side of the body say it's a CJ2a.

Here is a really good web page to tell the differences between a CJ2a and a CJ3a: CJ2A and CJ3A differences

I agree with your suspicions, it looks like you have a 1946 CJ2a body with a CJ3a windshield.

Check out the above link and look at your engine mounts to see if the frame is a CJ2a or a CJ3a
Thanks for the helpful info and links. The motor mounts tell me I have a CJ3a frame. The frame serial number tag is nowhere to be seen though. I hate to ask this next question because I know it is very difficult to answer by looking at pictures but I am wondering what this jeep may be worth as it sits. It does run but needs the carburetor rebuilt. There are a couple of cracks on the frame but nothing serious or hard to fix (the body would not have to be removed). The body itself has little rust. There is a line across the back where Willys put wood inside the frame (not sure of the proper terms here). There are a couple of cracks in the body that need repaired. One front fender mount/support is rotted through. The fender mounted steps are pretty much gone. The front floor and tool box are solid. Disc brakes on the front. I haven't had it on the road yet but it drives and shifts good around the yard.
Anyone care to hazard an opinion?


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